🌟 It was a privilege to represent our organization at the recent annual general meeting of Hfaistos. This event provided a unique opportunity for various stakeholders to come together, share insights, and explore avenues for collaboration and growth within the educational and entrepreneurial ecosystems. 🤝

Anastasios Giannaros, Co-Founder & CTO @ Project Lighthouse

During the meeting, we had the chance to share the vision, mission, and the passionate people behind Project Lighthouse, discussing our past and ongoing projects and aspirations for making a positive impact on both local and global communities. 🌍

We extend our sincere appreciation to Hfaistos for the invitation and for facilitating such a valuable networking event. It was an insightful experience engaging with attendees and learning from the diverse perspectives presented.💡

A special thank you to:

✅ The deputy mayor for infrastructure of the municipality of Athens 🏛, Andreas Grammatikogiannis
✅ The director of the 4th Vocational High School (EPAL) of Athens🏫, Anastasia Kotsavasiliadou
Growth HUB🚀, represented by Ioanna Roussou
Immortaliting👖, represented by Vicky Arali
Academy of Entrepreneurship🎓, represented by Andreas Stefanidis and Popi Christopoulou

Your contributions and the exchange of ideas were instrumental in enriching the dialogue and fostering a sense of community among us all. We look forward to potential collaborations and supporting each other in our endeavors to drive positive change. 🌱

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