We’re ecstatic to share the culmination of our recent collaboration with the 🌿 Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency Greece (NECCA – ΟΦΥΠΕΚΑ)—a testament to technology and nature in harmony! 🖥️🌿

🚀 Sustainable Innovation: Not only have we introduced a new information kiosk at the Kalavrita Ski Resort, but we’ve also breathed new life into four existing kiosks at the Chelmos Vouraikos UNESCO Global Geopark. Now featuring a total of 43 geosites, this project is a beacon of sustainable tourism and environmental education.

🌐 Our Approach: At Project Lighthouse, respecting nature is at the core of what we do. Embracing this, we chose not to discard the original info kiosks but to restore them, maintaining 100% of their original equipment. This decision underscores our commitment to reducing waste and promoting longevity in our technological practices.

✨ Tech for Good: The new info kiosk is powered by a low-consumption Raspberry Pi 4, marking a step forward in eco-friendly technology. Our dedication to open-source software shines through as we utilized Raspberry Pi OS Lite and Ubuntu Server operating systems and other open-source tools to empower both the new and revitalized kiosks. This choice reflects our belief in the power of community, transparency, and accessibility in technology.

🔍 Why This Matters: These efforts enhance the visitor experience, offering a gateway to the park’s unique geology, biodiversity, and cultural heritage, through a lens of sustainability and innovation. Our project not only invites exploration but does so in a manner that aligns with our values of conservation and responsible technology use.

🙏 A big thank you to the Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency Greece (NECCA – ΟΦΥΠΕΚΑ) and everyone who contributed to this project. Your support and hard work have been pivotal in illuminating the path toward a sustainable future.

Scroll down 👇 to witness the fusion of technology and nature, and the impact of our joint efforts at the Kalavrita Ski Resort!

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