In today’s digital age, students need essential informatics skills to navigate and shape our evolving digital world. ‘Digital First’ is an ambitious initiative aimed at transforming informatics education in primary and secondary schools across Europe 🇪🇺.

Supported by the Erasmus+ Programme with over €1.4M in funding 💶, this project unites 15 organizations across 10 European countries. From educational institutions 🎓 to NGOs and SMEs, the consortium brings a wealth of expertise to this transformative effort.

Our Mission:

🧩 Innovating pedagogy to prioritize functional understanding and problem-solving skills.

💡 Developing and piloting practical, engaging teaching methods in informatics.

📚 Creating a comprehensive competence catalogue for informatics teachers, ensuring quality education.

🤝 Building a supportive network of teachers for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

💬 Facilitating dialogue clubs to shape the future of informatics education.

Started 🚀 January 1, 2024, and spanning three years, ‘Digital First’ will help today’s digitally native students transition from passive consumers to active creators in the digital realm.

Sveučilište Algebra, Universidade da Coruña Integrated Group for Engineering Research, Vilniaus universitetas / Vilnius University, Turun yliopistoUniversity of Turku, University of Ljubljana, Služba za digitalizacijo izobraževanja I Digital Education Service, OŠ bratov Polančičev Maribor, OŠ Toneta Čufarja, CFAE Póvoa de Varzim e Vila do Conde, Project Lighthouse, T-hap, Suradnici u učenju, Industrial Technical Institute “Ferraris Pancaldo”, Secondary school “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, ALL DIGITAL

Learn more at the project’s official website Stay tuned for updates as we redefine how technology shapes the future of education!

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